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From one of the UK’s leading universities comes a new way to make real progress on some key issues that shape our society. Join some of Britain’s leading academics and highest-profile opinion formers as we seek answers that could change the way we live for the better. So, the floor is yours; will you make the most of it?

The Law shouldn’t be telling us what we can and cannot wear: and that includes the burqa.

By Professor Jill Marshall, School of Law

Professor Jill Marshall from the School of Law discusses that full face veil bans in all public places have no place in European liberal democracies. 

In 2011 France made it a criminal offence to wear face coverings in any public places. Although neutrally worded, it is accepted that the bans are intended to stop a small minority of Muslim women wearing the full-face veil, including the burqa and niqab. In the midst of our Prime Minister calling for withdrawal from the European Convention on Human Rights, this summer its Court decided the French law did not violate the rights of a woman who wears the burqa and niqab in France. It interferes with her right to religious freedom of expression and to personality rights derived from a right to respect for one’s private life: but this is justified by the ‘rights and freedoms of others’, as the French government presented it, in an ideal of ‘living together’. Read More »

British undercover police never had a moral compass to lose

By Dr Jon Moran, department of Politics and International Relations

Dr Jon Moran discusses the unethical behaviour occurring in undercover policing in the UK in The Conversation Read More »

Police opposition to Harry Roberts’ release reflects murky history of his case

By Professor Yvonne Jewkes from the Department of Criminology

Professor Yvonne Jewkes from the Department of Criminology, discusses on The Conversation the news that Harry Roberts is to be released from prison and how this news brings back his history.

The news that Harry Roberts is to be released from prison – potentially within days – has been greeted with outrage among the police. But after 48 years in prison, it’s time the knee-jerk reactions stopped. Roberts committed a particularly serious crime but has faced extraordinary opposition to his release. Read More »

Ancient human bone reveals when we bred with Neanderthals

By Dr Daniel Zadik, Department of Genetics

Dr Daniel Zadik from the Department of Genetics has written an article for The Conversation’s UK website discussing how genome extracted from an ancient femur reveals we have mated with Neanderthals 50,000 years ago. Read More »

Outside the cities and towns, rural Britain’s internet is firmly stuck in the 20th century

By Dr Bianca Reisdorf, Media and Communication

Dr Bianca Reisdorf from the Department of Media and Communication and Anne-Marie Oostveen, Research Fellow at University of Oxford explains on The Conversation that despite BT’s fibre optic and microwave radio links, rural towns and in Britain are still receiving slow internet connections. Read More »