Is the euro finished?

March 7, 2012. Lloyd’s Building, London EC3M 7HA

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Leicester Exchanges Is the euro finishedIs the euro destined to collapse, and with it the great post-war vision of European integration? Or are the outlines of a long-term solution coming into view?

Is the euro becoming an ever greater threat to Europe’s common future, with currency union chaining together economies that are simply incompatible? Or has “the breakthrough to a stability union been achieved” as Angela Merkel recently claimed.

Is the price of the survival of the euro worth paying? Or is the prospect of a realigned, multi-speed EU dominated by an inner core of strong economies too great a cost? Indeed, if the Euro survives what will be the impact on the UK economy?

Join our panel of thought leaders, and an audience of policy makers, opinion leaders, economists and the public as we debate ‘Is the euro finished?’ Panellists include:

  • Bill Cash MP Conservative
  • Petros Fassoulas, Chairman, European Movement UK
  • Panicos Demetriades, Professor of Financial Economics, University of Leicester

Please note that this event is now fully booked and no more tickets are available. To complywith Lloyd’s Building security regulations there are no walk-ins on the evening. If you have any questions about this event please contact the team by emailing

Panel Profiles

Bill Cash MP Leicester Exchanges debateBill Cash, MP. Bill Cash has been a Conservative Member of Parliament since 1984 and has represented the Stone constituency since 1997. He was the leader of the Maastricht Rebellion during the 1990s. He is currently a member of the European Scrutiny Committee and Chairman and founder of the European Foundation think tank. He has written extensively on the UK’s political and economic relationship with Europe and his most recent publication “It’s the EU, Stupid” (September 2011) sets out why in the national interest we really cannot go on with “this kind of European Union” and argues that Britain must be freed from the Eurozone failures and Euro-bailouts and released from the European Union-wide binds of European economic and employment regulation.

Petros Fassoulas Leicester Exchanges debatePetros Fassoulas is Chairman, European Movement UK. The Movement has since its creation in 1948 sought to build and maintain public support for the unity of Europe. The European Movement rallies all those who believe that European unity is vital where the people of Europe have interests in common such as increased trade to improve economic prosperity, an improved environment to tackle climate change, and action to combat global poverty. Mr Fassoulas’ previous roles include EU Affairs Adviser at the Financial Services Authority and EU affairs adviser at UK Parliament, EU Select Committee of the House of Lords.

Panicos Demetriades Leicester Exchanges debatePanicos Demetriades, is Professor of Financial Economics, University of Leicester. One of the UK’s leading academics in the field of economics, his research interests are in the area of finance and development. Panicos has held visiting positions at the IMF and the World Bank, has been a been a consultant to the OECD and the Economic and Social Research Council, and is Treasurer of the Money, Macro and Finance Research Group His blog, Give good economics a chance is a popular online resource for insight into topical popular economic issues.

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