Richard Attenborough held my hand and touched my life

By Louisa Milburn, Director For Richard Attenborough Centre.

Louisa Milburn, Director For Richard Attenborough Centre reflects on the life and legacy of Lord Attenborough on The Conversation.

“Richard was a long time supporter of disability and the arts and he’d spearheaded the campaign that led to the opening of the Richard Attenborough (RA) Centre in 1997. As part of the University of Leicester, the RA Centre had won design awards for its approach to accessibility – at a time before legislation made this a requirement.

As we talked, it became clear that Richard was passionate about access to high quality arts for everyone. He wanted to ensure that disabled people had first-class opportunities in the arts, whether this was creating, watching, experiencing or performing. His vision was for a place where disabled people were fundamentally included, where disability was not viewed as a negative, where everyone could thrive.”

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