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Because it’s there…

Dr Edmund Chattoe-Brown, Department of Sociology, University of Leicester: The assumptions you don’t realise you are making are the ones that will do you in. When we ask whether man should go to Mars, why do we tend to think in terms of the benefits and costs, what kinds of benefits and costs do we […]

Report on live debate: Tower of London, 23 March 2011

Freelance journalist Liz Lightfoot summaries the debate at the first Leicester Exchanges live event, which took place in London on Wednesday 23 March 2011. The topic under discussion was: ‘Should we punish or reform offenders?’   Boy George sweeps the streets of Manhattan while in Hampstead George Michael is sentenced to eight weeks in jail. […]

Older people: the ‘big citizens’ and social superglue of British society?

Dr Jane Pilcher, Department of Sociology, University of Leicester: Britain is a long way from being broken, if new evidence published this month on the activities and inputs of older people is anything to go by. Their volunteering activities, caring responsibilities and tax contributions make them well-established ‘big citizens’, and social superglue – and way […]

We’re all experts on climate change now… or are we?

Dr Emma Fieldhouse, Environmental Manager, University of Leicester: Actually we’re not. I’m certainly not.  However, people presume I should understand all aspects of climate science because of my active role in environmental management. The science of climate change is for scientists to debate, not for me to debate when I’m no climate specialist. How humans […]

A taste of imprisonment may punish but it does not reform

Professor Carol Hedderman, Professor of Criminology, University of Leicester: Prison punishes effectively, but if we want to reform people who offend, and thereby reduce the number of victims, we should stop sending so many of them to prison. I accept that there are dangerous people who commit terrible crimes and that, however imperfectly they deal […]