Building a Safe and Just World

Explainer: when does a conflict become a war?

By Professor Katja Ziegler, Sir Robert Jennings Professor of International Law Professor Katja Ziegler explains the common question from recent reports about a Russian invasion in Ukraine on the Caspian Sea; When does a conflict become a war? “Is the conflict in Ukraine a war? This question has been raised in recent reports about a Russian […]

For the world, a stitch in time saves nine; ignoring ISIS would mean one year’s seeds, seven year’s weeds.

By Karzan Karim, Regional Head, Middle East Operations International Office Karzan Karim, Regional Head, Middle East Operations discusses the threat of ISIS in Iraq. “Iraq has been the land of proxy-wars for many Islamic ideologies, which mainly started with The Battle of Karbala. Since then, Muslims have been killing each other under different pretexts. Other […]

Malaysian MH370: The importance of perspective

By Dr Simon Bennett, Director, Civil Safety and Security Unit, University of Leicester. Following the 8 March, 2014 disappearance of Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 a respected aviation journalist said: “Catastrophic things do not happen to modern aeroplanes. They just don’t”. Well, they do. Since 1948 around eighty aircraft have been declared ‘missing’ where not a […]

How can we stop children being murdered?

According to the United Nations Children’s Fund, the lot of Britain’s children has improved. Ranked 16th out of 29 developed countries surveyed, action on child obesity, smoking and alcohol abuse has been successful. However, as shown by the case of four-year-old Hamzah Khan who was starved to death by his substance-abusing mother, there is a […]

The legacy of DNA profiling

2014 sees the thirtieth anniversary of the invention of DNA profiling by Professor Sir Alec Jeffreys at the University of Leicester.  As a prelude to the celebrations of this achievement, Sir Alec, Dr Turi King (Department of Genetics) and Dr John Bond OBE (Department of Chemistry) met to discuss the legacy for the world of […]