Building a Safe and Just World

For the love of Reshma

On 10 May young mother Reshma Begum was pulled from the ruins of the Rana Plaza shop and factory complex fully seventeen days after it collapsed onto its circa 3,120 occupants. Rana Plaza was an illegal building. Its owner added floors without permission. Perhaps because of the owner’s political connections and economic import of the […]

Keeping up appearances? How changes to hate crime policy will protect people victimised for looking ‘different’

By Dr Neil Chakraborti, Reader in Criminology, University of Leicester. A change to a crime recording policy within one regional police force does not tend to generate huge levels of news coverage.  However, in the week that Greater Manchester Police announced that they would be recording attacks against members of alternative subcultures as hate crimes, […]

The role of the ‘dangerous other’ in politics

By Dr Simon Bennett, Director of the Civil Safety and Security Unit at the University of Leicester. As I watch the unfolding drama on the Korean Peninsula a question keeps popping into my head: Can life imitate art? The British author George Orwell wrote his novel 1984 just after the end of the Second World […]

Nuclear North Korea: just how worried should we be?

By Dr Andrew Futter, Lecturer in International Politics, University of Leicester. In the past week the Democratic Republic of North Korea (DPKR) has warned that the safety of British citizens in the Republic of Korea (ROK) cannot be guaranteed, and that two nations on the peninsular should consider themselves in a ‘state of war’.  This […]

The Social Science of the World in 100 Objects – The Television

The television: an electronic babysitter for the incarcerated? The Social Science of the World in 100 Objects is an innovative project that provides a social science perspective to everyday objects. It is inspired by the popular BBC Radio 4 series ‘The History of the World in 100 Objects’, a 2010 partnership between the BBC and […]