Protecting our World and Exploring the Universe

Onward to Mars

Sir Patrick Moore: Mars, the red planet, has always had a special fascination for us. It is our nearest celestial neighbour apart from the Moon and Venus, and it is more Earthlike than any other planet. Yet it has a painfully thin atmosphere and no seas or even lakes; the climate is bitterly cold, making […]

Climate change communication

Nelya Koteyko, Lecturer in Media and Communication, University of Leicester: Governments, NGOs and academics have become increasingly interested in the role of communication in perceptions of climate change. How do people form their opinions about whether climate change is happening or not? How should practical measures to mitigate or adapt to climate change be communicated […]

Mankind’s survival depends on it, but would you want humans in your back yard?

Paul G Abel, Centre for Interdisciplinary Science, University of Leicester: Tenancy agreements come in all sorts of timescales, and it may surprise you to learn that our tenancy on this planet will one day run out. Although it is a long way off, one day our benevolent sun – for which all life on the Earth […]

The Political Character of Climate Change

Robert Garner, Professor of Politics, University of Leicester: In his acceptance speech for the Nobel Peace Prize he was awarded in 2007, Al Gore made the claim that “The climate crisis is not a political issue, it is a moral and spiritual challenge to all of humanity.” The reason why Al Gore does not see […]

Human exploration of Mars will benefit humanity

Professor Martin Barstow, Department of Physics and Engineering, University of Leicester: It is now more than 40 years since men first landed on the Moon. In the technologically optimistic age of the late 1960s, the next obvious step seemed to be a mission to Mars within a few decades and certainly before the end of […]