Make no mistake: independence will be back as an issue

By Dr Meryl Kenny, Department of Politics and International Relations Dr Meryl Kenny discusses how the independence issue may potentially return In many ways, last Thursday’s independence referendum represents a decisive answer to the question of Scotland’s political future, with the majority of Scots voting against independence by a margin of 55% to 45%. While […]

Scottish voters have prevented a serious debate about Trident

By Dr Andrew Futter, Senior Lecturer in International Politics, Department of Politics and International Relations. Dr Andrew Futter discusses on The Conversation, if Scotland had voted Yes, we might have been forced to rethink our relationship with nuclear weapons. No such luck. Nowhere was the relief over Scotland’s decision last week to remain part of the United […]

How to pull the plug on irresponsible capitalism

By Professor Martin Parker, Organisation and Culture, School of Management Professor Martin Parker discusses on The Conversation that there is a time for a manifesto of measures which can restore calm to capitalism. The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development has proposed a plan to stop companies from avoiding billions of dollars in taxes. As we know from the scandals […]

More children making music, but are lessons too conventional?

By Professor Mark Banks, Department of Media and Communication Professor Mark Banks, from the Department of Media and Communication discusses on The Conversation whether music being made outside the classroom should be better recognised. The urge to make new music is alive and well among young people in the UK, but not always using conventional instruments […]

The Scottish Independence Referendum – A Vote for Change

By Dr Meryl Kenny, Department of Politics and International Relations Dr Meryl Kenny discusses on The Conversation on 19th September The Scottish Independence Referendum result. Predictions suggested that the battle over Scottish independence would be a close-run race – with a flurry of polls from early September onwards putting the Yes and No votes within a hair’s […]