Understanding change in Culture, Society, Economics and Political Institutions

“Should Scotland remain part of the United Kingdom?”

By Professor Andrew M. Colman, School of Psychology Psychologist Andrew Colman questions the poor wording of the Scottish independence referendum ballot paper. In the last few days before the Scottish independence referendum, opinion polls suggest that the outcome is too close to call. The result may not be as close as the polls suggest, because […]

Whisper it, but Tony Blair might be the man to save Europe.

By Dr Oliver Daddow, Reader, Department of Politics and International Relations, University of Leicester The momentous success of Eurosceptical and anti-establishment parties at the May 2014 European Parliament (EP) elections has thrown the longstanding aim of generating “ever closer union” among the peoples of Europe into severe disarray. The shorthand description given to this continent-wide […]

The Postcard: Wish you were here?

By Dr Sarah Hodgkinson, Senior Lecturer, Department of Criminology, University of Leicester The postcard, a friendly hello from a far away place – or is it? Dr Sarah Hodgkinson from the Department of Criminology examines the evolution of dark tourism, and questions the moral implications of opening up tragic sites for mass consumption.

Live event catch up: Social mobility – realising ambitions

Mark Riley Cardwell reports on the Leicester Exchanges live debate, which took place at the national office of charity Teach First, in London, on Thursday 13 March 2014. The topic under discussion was how both higher education and graduate employers can help push social mobility further, giving everyone the opportunity to realise their ambitions. Many […]

Teaching Creative Writing

When I was eight years old, my anxious father went into my school to ask my teacher if I was (and I quote – this was his term, not mine) “backward or something,” because I had not yet learnt to read or write. The teacher reassured him: although I could not read or write yet, […]