For the world, a stitch in time saves nine; ignoring ISIS would mean one year’s seeds, seven year’s weeds.

By Karzan Karim, Regional Head, Middle East Operations International Office

Karzan Karim, Regional Head, Middle East Operations discusses the threat of ISIS in Iraq.

“Iraq has been the land of proxy-wars for many Islamic ideologies, which mainly started with The Battle of Karbala. Since then, Muslims have been killing each other under different pretexts. Other religious minorities and ethnic groups have always suffered atrocities, marking black pages in the history of Iraq. In the last 100 years, the Kurdish suffered genocide three times: after the First World War, just after the Second World War and under Saddam Hussein’s Regime. Let me bring your attention to what has happened over the last 100 days in Iraq. Fully one third of the country has been taken over by ISIS. Who are they? They do not want to see smiles even from the faces of children, they are brainwashed, with no heart to feel nor ears to listen as they operate under rigid adherence to doctrine.”

They have gathered to fight Assad’s regime in Syria from all over the world. America got it wrong, indirectly supporting ISIS unknowingly, so that they found a niche within which to grow and progress their agenda. The regional environment was almost perfect for them to expand: Syria was in a deep civil war and Iraq was on the verge of civil war, with only the barest spark required to ignite it. The western world ignored and underestimated the problem; their growing influence was not measured as an international threat. They got it wrong.

The current conflict in Iraq began with a spluttering collapse of the Iraqi army in full view of the world. Kurdish and other minorities were deceived in Iraq and believed in ISIS; that they were defending Sunni minorities in the region who were suffering under Maliki. Meanwhile, the rest of the world assumed it was an internal civil war in which they did not want to interfere. Again all got it wrong. It is an international war against human-kind.

In only a month they managed to take over and defeat the Kurdish Army; an army that Saddam’s military struggled to fight. The consequences were catastrophic. We all saw what happened to Yazidi and Christian minorities in Shangal, Zumar and Makhmur in the south of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

Let’s prevent the genocide which is now unfolding before the world. A stitch in time saves nine. Put our forces behind Kurdish and Iraqi forces in front line against ISIS.

This is not Afghanistan, where money for arms was in short supply. In the last two months, ISIS managed to acquire $2 billion and they will not stop there. Under their control, Iraq will be a safe haven for terrorists to attack anyone and project their force around the world. Their seeds are growing and their proliferation is faster than ever. The scale of their cruelty is unimaginable. ISIS – one year’s seeds, seven year’s weeds.

It’s time to put our collective differences behind us and work together to vanquish ISIS from the surface of earth and bring all people behind them to justice otherwise they will not only be at Yazidi or Kurdish doors but they will be in London, Washington, Delhi , Beijing and Moscow..

I plead for an end to the world’s indifference and all together fight against ISIS.




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