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More children making music, but are lessons too conventional?

By Professor Mark Banks, Department of Media and Communication Professor Mark Banks, from the Department of Media and Communication discusses on The Conversation whether music being made outside the classroom should be better recognised. The urge to make new music is alive and well among young people in the UK, but not always using conventional instruments […]

The Scottish Independence Referendum – A Vote for Change

By Dr Meryl Kenny, Department of Politics and International Relations Dr Meryl Kenny discusses on The Conversation on 19th September The Scottish Independence Referendum result. Predictions suggested that the battle over Scottish independence would be a close-run race – with a flurry of polls from early September onwards putting the Yes and No votes within a hair’s […]

Nine blows to the head and then he was dead: modern forensics suggest how Richard III died

By Professor Sarah Hainsworth, Department of Engineering. Professor Sarah Hainsworth dicusses on The Conversation on 17th September how Richard III remains suggest he died under a hail of blows. The discovery of Richard III’s skeletal remains under a car park in Leicester revealed the final resting place of the last English monarch to die in […]

“Should Scotland remain part of the United Kingdom?”

By Professor Andrew M. Colman, School of Psychology Psychologist Andrew Colman questions the poor wording of the Scottish independence referendum ballot paper. In the last few days before the Scottish independence referendum, opinion polls suggest that the outcome is too close to call. The result may not be as close as the polls suggest, because […]

There is nothing ‘medieval’ about Islamic State atrocities – they’re just cruel and brutal

By Professor Norman Housley, School of History Professor Norman Housley, School of History discusses how the word ‘medieval’ has been used about Islamic astrocites. “In Pulp Fiction, when Marcellus Wallace tells his captor and tormentor Zed that “I’m gonna get medieval on your ass”, we are spared further details, which is just as well since […]