Protecting our World and Exploring the Universe

Billion people hold their breath as India becomes the first Asian country to reach Mars

By Dr John Bridges, Reader in Planetary Science, department of Physics and Astronomy. Dr John Bridges, from the department of Physics and Astronomy discusses on The Conversation how India has made history and its spacecraft Mangalyaan is now safely orbiting the red planet.  

Searching for Black Holes in Space

As part of the ‘Legacy of Leicester‘ project, Professor Ken Pounds reflects on Leicester’s role in confirming the existence of both now-established classes of black holes. John Michell, geologist and rector of a church near Leeds, was the first to contemplate, in a lecture to the Royal Society in 1783, the existence of stars so […]

Because it’s there…

Dr Edmund Chattoe-Brown, Department of Sociology, University of Leicester: The assumptions you don’t realise you are making are the ones that will do you in. When we ask whether man should go to Mars, why do we tend to think in terms of the benefits and costs, what kinds of benefits and costs do we […]

We’re all experts on climate change now… or are we?

Dr Emma Fieldhouse, Environmental Manager, University of Leicester: Actually we’re not. I’m certainly not.  However, people presume I should understand all aspects of climate science because of my active role in environmental management. The science of climate change is for scientists to debate, not for me to debate when I’m no climate specialist. How humans […]

We have to adapt culturally to climate change

Dr Jenny Pickerill, Senior Lecturer in Human Geography, University of Leicester: While the case that climate change is happening and probably irreversible is robust, the political arguments about whether we should do anything about it remain ongoing and unresolved. Many in the minority world (like Britain and the USA) are relying upon technological innovation (like […]